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Beijing Capital Equity

Beijing Capital Private Equity (Beijing Capital) is a leader in China's emerging private equity market. We are the private equity arm of Beijing Capital Group, the large scale state-owned owned enterprise of the Beijing Municipal Government. Beijing Capital Group is among the largest conglomerates in China, spanning financial services, real estate, urban infrastructure projects and information technology. Beijing Capital Group's financial services group focuses on finance for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and spans private equity, investment banking (IPOs and M&A), loan guarantee, insurance, as well as minority interests in retail banks. Beijing Capital Group is one of the top national brand names in China, and has a nation-wide footprint with offices in 32 offices around the country and 6,300 employees.

Beijing Capital utilizes Beijing Capital Group's nation-wide infrastructure, as well as the personal networks and expertise of its investment management professionals, to source deals, add value and exit deals to produce superior returns for our investors, both Domestic and International.

For over ten years, we have been making minority investments into profitable, high growth companies that have a clear path to liquidity event. We focus largely on exits through IPO on the A-Share stock exchanges in Shenzhen, as well as trade sales. Most of our investments are in small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located throughout China that have high margins and operate in sectors which have strong macro trends. Our focus includes the industrial technology, clean energy, consumer, financial, and the bioscience sectors, among others. These high growth, pre-IPO companies are also likely to benefit the most from Beijing Capital's access to Beijing Capital Group's substantial resources, relationships and infrastructure, including easier access to debt and public equity capital via Beijing Capital Group's subsidiaries, which include in-house debt guarantee institutions, two investment banks and partner bank relationships.

Beijing Capital is the confluence of Chinese Market Acumen, International Expertise, and Beijing Government. At our core, we are Chinese, with most of our professionals being local Mainland Chinese. We believe that private equity in China is a local business, and having top local Chinese private equity professionals with Chinese Market Acumen at the core of our management team is key to sourcing the top deals, engendering trust with entrepreneurs, conducting in-depth due diligence, and making intelligent local market savvy investment decisions in China. We also have best-of-class International Expertise and networks in the form of management and international partnerships. A fundamental differentiator of Beijing Capital is that we are a local Chinese private equity group that adheres to international standards of corporate governance, transparency and management, and we believe we are the only government-affiliated private equity management team in China that has non-Chinese amongst our management.

Our International partnerships include our investors that span North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, as well as our partnership with JPMorgan's One Equity Partners for large combination private equity transactions and China-international outbound deals, Gen2 Capital for Pan-Asian relationships, and Millennium Ark for relationships with China's local private sector. Moreover, we are the private equity arm of Beijing Capital Group, a state-owned enterprise of the Beijing Municipal Government. All aspects of private equity in China involve government, from investment approvals, to intellectual property, to tax and currency repatriation, and we believe our affiliation provides us this vital governmental relationship. We also utilize Beijing Capital Group's nationwide business infrastructure and brand name to source deals, provide value added support, and exit deals to produce superior returns for our investors, both Domestic and International.